2024 Retreat Activity Pre Planning Documents

Click Here to See Map of  Locations of Activities/Places

  • You can zoom in on the map. (use the legend to the left to see the different activities and even directions to locations) 
  • Purple numbers are- High-Level Locations. You can see on the legend to the left
  • Yellow numbers are activities- numbers correspond with the activities lists below(numbers are to the left of each activity)
  • The unclicked options (which can be clicked to see) are the different directions from the hotel to those locations.
  • Details about location/price/distance are also located in the Day activity lists

Day 1- Off-Site Activities-List

Day 2- On-Site Activities- List

Trail Options on Barton Creek-

Click Here to see the trail starts of the trails below on a map.

Full Map of Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail (CLICK HERE)

Resort Map

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